Instructor Matt

My interest in firearms began at a young age when I learned proper safety and weapon handling from my uncle, who is now retired from Law Enforcement after a long and distinguished career.  I grew to have great respect for firearms and a strong appreciation for the Constitution and the Second Amendment.  Like most Americans I believe that self defense is a basic human right.

My extensive education in firearms and tactics began in the spring of 1996, when I attended a basic California Police Academy (P.O.S.T.).  Soon after graduating, I was hired by the City of Hillsboro (in Oregon, near Portland) as a Police Officer.  I attended the Oregon Police Academy (now D.P.S.S.T.) and then continued my training at the Department.  I worked patrol for 6 years, where I received my “street” education.  During this time, I was also a Law Enforcement Firearms Instructor, a member of our Tactical Team (S.W.A.T.), and a Field Training Officer (coach/trainer of new Officers).  I was involved in countless real world, tactical situations.

After leaving Law Enforcement, my love for firearms instruction and training inspired me to begin teaching civilian defensive firearm classes, and subsequently, to create Liberty Handgun Training. The general philosophy of Liberty Handgun Training is to be practical and relevant.  Do what works.  There is so much to learn in the realm of firearms and tactics that you could spend a lifetime training and honing your skills (some people do, and it’s not a bad thing).  The goal at L.H.T. is to try and give you an understanding of what it might be like to use a firearm to defend your life, and the skill set to do it effectively.

“In their lifetimes, most people will never need a gun. Those that do will need one very badly.”

General George Custer