Private Instruction

This is a great training opportunity!  Whether you’re a novice shooter and need focused attention on the fundamentals or you’re advanced and want to work on tactics, I will tailor our time together to meet your specific training goals.  Anyone can benefit from private instruction.  Book your time today!

CLASS: Private Instruction – Range Only (designed for up to 4 students)
COURSE LENGTH: Students choice – 2 hour minimum
COST: $75 per hour
DESCRIPTION: Private instruction provides you (and up to 3 others) a block of training time that will be tailored to your specific goals.  This gives you an opportunity to have private, professional instruction, to hone your skills or learn new ones.
HOW TO SCHEDULE TIME WITH MATT: My goal is to fit YOUR schedule.  I’m available any day of the week 9am-5pm.  Call or email to book your time!

What to bring to the range:

  •  Eye and ear protection
  •  Baseball style hat
  •  Appropriate clothing for the weather
  •  Something to drink & lunch or snack
  •  200 rounds of ammunition for your caliber handgun
  •  Functioning & reliable handgun that you have fired before
  •  Holster and 3 magazines or speedloaders with pouches